About this project

- This is a very successful project. Why? 
- Two main goals are accomplished. What?

1) I learned a lot.
2) The outcome satisfied users and client.

In the very beginning, my client, Ozan, appeared introverted. It took some time to get him to open up. I advocated for UX and discussed the ROI.

After some back-and-forth conversations, we finally found common ground.

While his reference websites were functional and easy to navigate, most lacked visual appeal.

However, a significant challenge emerged: 
Users are not designers. Their need is to be efficient.
As a designer, I also care about aesthetics. So, I say:
"Software should be beautiful too!"


- Lack of clarity in the hero text.
- The usage of CTA buttons is not ideal.
- We always want to help users take action without any inconvenience or confusion.
- The buttons address more informational pages.
- We needed to make them help boost engagement between users and Ozan.

Apparntly, the page needed some work to become visually more appealing accordingly to the new trends.


My first approach was to create a robust hero text. I needed to help users understand what this page is for. After some brainstorming, I came up with the idea, "Let's chat a little bit, it won't hurt anyone."   I gave users two choices, they can either book a chat for more information, or start listing with Ozan with one click.

I knew that the trust is the most important component in the real estate business. That's why I wanted to add a cute portrait of our handsome realtor. His smile tells us a lot about his friendliness and his beard tells us how successful he is.

With the "explore with me" heading, I wanted to give a hint to users what they would see after scrolling down.

Finally, I've added contact information to the navbar, so they can easily shoot an email or make a quick call.

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Our story with Oz is based on a soccer game. He must have been so impressed by my talent on the pitch, that after the game he came to me and asked, "Would you like to design a website for me?" I said yes...

Haha, no way! Life doesn't happen like that. It would be so easy. Even though the fact that I met him at a soccer game, I've run after him for almost three months to convince him to redesign his Website. Explained ROI of the user-centric designed website. And here we are now! Good things take time!

I always start by examining what's out there!

No matter how large or small the research scale of the project, I always start with a competitor analysis. This gives me an idea about what kind of environment that I'm trying to fit in!

I designed a Navbar: not only handsome,
but also accessible and efficient!

For this project, the open contact information trend in Navigation Bars was not a surprise but valuable learning for me. I might not consider adding email and phone numbers on the top of the screen because I'm cool. However, I understand that it is essential.

It's important to keep engaged with users.

You will see card designs for featured sections below. I want you to emphasize the "explore with me" text. There's a huge strategy behind this lingo. Warm, trustworthy, and friendly. These are the characteristics we want to have in our realtor.

Designing listing cards was the most fun part of the project.

I care about the creativity and aesthetics. The challenge in this kind of project is the lack of the image quality. However, we must fit into every situation. With its three information sections and one image section, the listing cards look awesome!